Placerville Downtown Association Staff & Board

Photo Courtesy Bill Robinson

From the group of businesses and organizations within the Placerville Downtown Association district boundaries, a Board of Directors consisting of 16 people is elected (according to guidelines in the PDA Bylaws) to serve a two-year term.

From that group, there is also an Executive Board chosen consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition, there is an Administrative Assistant and Webmaster who serve the Board.


Heidi Mayerhofer
Administrative Assistant

Bill Robinson

Executive Board

Dennis Thomas, President

Tim Taylor, Vice President

Cherie Cornelison, Secretary

Mandi Winnicki, Treasurer

Board of Directors

Tod Pickett

Sherry Tollefsrud

Dolloree Vosper

Andrew Vonderschmitt

Jeff Meader

Vanda Lavar