Spotlight on Midnight Kin at 435 Main Street

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Tell us about Midnight Kin and your move to this new location

According to Megan Taber, owner of Midnight Kin, it is a representation of the amazing craftsmanship that not only exists, still today, but is rapidly becoming a preference for many consumers. It is a space to celebrate handcrafted, quality, natural objects and of course, our Apothecary products.

What prompted you to start Midnight Kin on Main Street in Placerville?

Of course it was a dream of mine, but it was never a course for action until our online presence had grown enough that we needed a larger production space. At that point it felt like I had reached an amazing goal and that I could let my creativity (and my husbands math skills ;)) branch out to the next level and secure a retail space. Main Street is a cherished place for me and I wouldn’t want to have a storefront anywhere else.

What's something you wish people knew about Midnight Kin?

I don’t think people who walk into Midnight Kin know that we have 15 team members who produce, label, and sell everything. We have been in Self, Cosmopolitan, Submerge, Glamour, USA Today, and Huffington Post publications and our products have found homes in large retailers like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Tillys (as well as many amazing boutiques).

What's a common question that you get?

Oh that smells so good, what is it?” Mostly what you are smelling as you approach the shop is a combination of essential oils that we use in all of our products,as well as our favorite Desert Lands candle that is always burning.

What's the biggest complement you've received about Midnight Kin?

I want to live here” or “This space is so peaceful and relaxing”. It makes my heart sing that our passion and hard work resonates with others.

What is your most popular item in Midnight Kin?

I think our skincare routine products such as masks, cleansers, toners and serum are really popular. We have a lot of amazing feedback about the Luminescent Facial Serum and a lot of return customers who really enjoy it.

Is there any historical significance of the building that Midnight Kin is in?

The Florence building always spoke to me. The moment I knew she was available I just was drawn like a magnet. I imagined what it might be like creating a space there. One thing after another seemed to fall into place and open the doors to this next chapter. Opening this shop was a lot easier but still a momumental challenge as it all took place days after my third son was born. It all came together better than I hoped.

We have an employee that married into the Sweeney family. So we have been able to hear a few accounts of family life in the Florence shop as well as customers sharing their memories. The history and character of the space is something that holds a lot of value to me, personally.

What upcoming events or specials would you like people to know about?

Our handmade gift boxes make amazing gifts and we will help you fill and assemble them with whatever you’d like. They come with a beautiful, handmade bouquet of dried flowers and are tied with twine. We are having one more sale the week before Christmas.