Flower Baskets on Main Street Update

Our beautiful blossoms will be revived!

Zane Davis, our flower basket project gardener and the employees of Motherlode Rehabilitation Enterprises (MORE), our basket tenders, work very hard to keep the blooms looking their best, but sometimes the weather can really make that challenging. The last strong heat wave really took it's toll on our flower baskets, but thanks to the many community partnerships with the Downtown Association, the baskets will be coming down in the next few days to be pruned and refreshed with some new types of plants.  

Gratitude to Wendy Buchanan of Blossoms Wholesale Nursery in Sonoma for the donation of flowers.

Wendy and her fiance are recent newcomers to the Placerville area.  They hope to retire here soon, but in the meantime, Wendy noticed our flower baskets and reached out to us with an offer to donate flowers to rehabilitate them. The flowers come from Blooms Wholesale Nursery in Sonoma where she is the Inside Sales Representative.  We enthusiastically accepted and now we look forward to seeing our baskets looking healthy and beautiful again. 

Some of the donated flowers were not suitable for the baskets, but those have found homes in other downtown flower boxes and gardens.

Thanks again to all our wonderful donors to the flower baskets on Main Street.  It really is a community effort and just another example of what an amazing community we are!

2018 Sponsors of the Flower Baskets on Main Street

Adopt a Flower Basket Donors

Chief James Ortega, Placerville Police Department

Roberta and Patrick Riley

Sue Rees, Kelsey's Needle Krafts

Adam Anderson, Wealthguard Advisors

Dennis Thomas, Robinson's Pharmacy

Albert and Melissa Fausel, Placerville Hardware

Heidi Venable and Jan Mannion, Remax Realty

The Placerville City Council

Cleve and Shauna Morris, in honor of granddaughter Matilda Eliza Morris

The Leveroni Family In Memory of Christopher Shampo

Sharon Stillman In Memory of Henry and Rita Brenner

The Combellack Family In Memory of Alan Combellack

Bee Friendly Pollinators

El Dorado Savings Bank

Soil for the Soul Sponsor

Sherry and John Tollefsrud, Mattywags

Flower Innovator

Kathleen Ahrens

Lofty Lou's Cooperative

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