Spotlight on Mattywags, gifts and personals at 376 Main Street

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We connected with Debbie Jimenez at Mattywags for this month's Spotlight article.

Mattywags is a gift shop curated with a touch of whimsy and French flair.

Debbie recently purchased the business from the original owner, Sherry Tollefsrud, and she has a lot to say about her new, great adventure!.

What prompted you to buy the business?

I love Placerville, and Mattywags was and is my most favorite store on Main Street. I had retired from business in Southern California and recently moved to Shingle Springs. I came into the store one day in April, 2018 and Sherry (the previous owner) spoke for quite awhile about family and future and how precious time is.

Sherry and I have always had a great connection and have many things in common. The topic of Sherry retiring came up and I expressed to her that if she ever wanted to sell Mattywags that I would be interested and that I would continue on the same decor path as she. Shortly after that day I purchased Mattywags and ever since the first day things have gone amazingly smooth, which gave both of us the answer: this was meant to be. I love my store!

What's something you wish people knew about Mattywags?

It’s amazing how things happen. As I was reading this question. A customer by the name of Lori came in to the store. As she was walking past the desk she said to me, "I love your store, and the music is great! It gives a calm and comfortable feeling to be in here." THATS WHAT I FEEL! THAT IS WHAT I LOVE ABOUT Mattywags the most. It brings smiles and people are fun and the mix of energy is amazing. Life is short! Buy the earrings. Live, love laugh!

What is a common question you get?

The most common question I get is.. "YOU are not going to change anything are you????"
My reply—How do you change something that is already great?

What is your most popular item in the shop?

The most popular item in the shop is the variety of vintage pieces. Vintage is chosen for Mattywags very carefully and with great thought and experience. When a customer finds something that reminds them of their childhood and makes them reminisce even for just a moment, it stops the clock. Memories are the gifts that can never be taken.

What's the biggest complement you've received about Mattywags?

A young man that came in and had looked around for quite some time. I asked him, can I help you find something? He replied, "this is a great store. I was walking by and i was drawn to come in and then I heard the music and the colors are cool. I’m going to tell my mom to bring my Aunt in because this is the kind of store they would like to shop at." That made me feel really good!

Do you support any local non-profits or other local organizations?

I am new to the area but plan to do some good research on what I would like to devote time to. I support the PDA and I truly believe in community togetherness and support. I have been involved in animal rescue in southern California, as well as the ASPCA. My passion is to help with moving animals out of kill shelters into no kill facilities as well as animal foster care. My very best friend is Harley who is a 130 lb Newfoundland rescue. He makes my heart full of joy!

Where did the name Mattywags come from?

Mattywags was named after what was referred to me as the most sweetest beautiful kind-hearted woman to ever live on earth. Her name was Matty and she is Sherry’s (the original owner) Grandmother. Then, "Wags" part has an Old English meaning: A female given to mischievous humor! So the name of Mattywags is meaningful for Sherry and represents “in wags” both of us. And it is an adorable name.

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