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Welcome New Merchants to Historic Placerville Main Street!

The Placerville Downtown Association (PDA) is a volunteer organization working to keep Main Street a great place to do business.

Regular meetings are usually the FIRST Thursday of the month at 8AM at the Cary House, you are also welcome to attend these meetings.  The Executive Meeting is usually the THIRD Thursday at whatever location they decide, this year they have been at Powell Brothers. Link to the meeting dates, agendas and minutes.

All merchants, restaurants, and business people conducting business on Main Street are encouraged to attend the general meetings held each month.

How to add to our Website
As a member of the PDA organization, your business is listed with all the merchants on Main Street. Make sure you have notified the webmaster Bill Robinson or Lisa Crummett, PDA Marketing Director, will insure that your business information be listed. Please provide a brief description and possibly a photo for your web listing. Also, if you have a website for your business, please provide the URL so we may link to your site
. Also, if you would like to be listed at some time in the future as a Featured Merchant (and get a Merchant Page), please contact the PDA Webmaster.

How to get a banner across Main Street
Provided by the City of Placerville
[click here]

Bell Tower Permit Guidelines
The purpose of the 1995 City Ordinance to restrict the use of City Monuments is to recognize the Belltower and the Druid Monuments as historical and limit their usage so that they may be enjoyed by all citizens and not be subject to damage or excessive wear and tear.

There are three categories for potential usage of the Belltower: community, commercial and private usage. Historically, the Belltower has been used for community type events:

  • Wagon Train Parade
  • Classic Car Show
  • Realtors Can Tree
  • Political candidates
  • Commercial events promoted by the PDA:
  • Downtown Open House
  • Scheduled Holiday Entertainment

The PDA does not encourage or endorse private use outside of historical usage, fearing excessive usage may result in damage or accelerated wear and tear of the Belltower.

The Belltower is located within the traveled portion of Main Street. There are no traffic control devices to direct pedestrian traffic to and from the Belltower The entrance is located on the west side of the Belltower and opens onto the traffic lane. Excessive pedestrian traffic becomes a public safety issue and impedes the efficient flow of vehicular traffic.

However, the PDA would consider supporting a permit application if the following conditions were met. Applicant provides a detailed plan:

  • Limiting activity area to five spaces on north side of Main Street beginning in front of Placerville News and ending at Placerville Hardware.
  • Provide barricades and tape to define activity area.
  • Provide escort for pedestrian crossing to and from event. a Provide escort for vehicles leaving parking garage entering Main Street.
  • Ensure that activity does not impede pedestrian traffic, block sidewalks, or otherwise affect surrounding businesses.
  • Provide for trash pick-up and removal immediately after event.
  • Restrict activities around the Belltower during peak commercial times, i.e. Saturday mornings, etc
How to place an item on the City Council Agenda
Pursuant to the "Brown Act", the City Council cannot take action on any item not listed on the Agenda EXCEPT by special action of the City Council under specified circumstances, For an item to appear on the City Council, it needs to be in writing and received by the City Manager fourteen days prior to the meeting date (2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month).

Any individual can address the City Council on any topic not agendized during the regular meeting under "Public Comment'. The City Council cannot, however, take action on that item.

How to obtain a copy of the City Council Meeting Agenda
Single copies are available at City Hall, 487 Main Street 72 hours prior to a City Council meeting or by contacting the Deputy City Clerk at (530) 642-5200. Annual subscriptions are available at the following rates: Agendas only: $24; Agendas and Minutes: $48. Request for annual subscriptions must be in writing and addressed to the Deputy City Clerk, 487 Main Street, Placerville, CA 95667.

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