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Banners on Parade

Banners on Parade Number One Winners

Click on any of the above banners to see that year's banners (2007-2013)

Please help our Community Art Project, Banners on Parade!

Banners on Parade is a self-supporting, community art project that promotes the arts in historic downtown Placerville. Every year, a new exhibit of beautifully painted banners is installed on the light poles on Historic Main Street. After the exhibit, the banners are sold during a silent auction at the Placerville Art & Wine Festival. (Shown above are the #1-judged winners for each of the last seven years—click on any one of them to see all of that year's banners.)

But the total proceeds from the sale often leave the project short of the necesary funds needed for the next year's exhibit. Therefore, we are looking for donations to continue this artistic, community project. How can YOU help? Consider donating some money (minimum: $25) to our cause. Here are some examples of what your donation can do (and please feel free to donate more!):

  • $25 – Pays for a portion of the bracket hardware needed for expanding the exhibit to new light poles
  • $50 – Pays for the installation of 5 banners on light poles each year
  • $75 – Pays for the production cost of one, new, canvas banner
  • $100 – Helps pay for the printing and design of the "walking guide" brochure

Thank you for supporting the arts on Historic Main Street in Placerville! Your donation to Placerville Art on Parade (a charitable organization) is tax deductible (non-profit ID number 20-2230822). Note that you can also just write out a check to Placerville Art on Parade and mail it to Placerville Art on Parade, P.O. Box 2156, Placerville, CA 95667.

More Information About Placerville Art on Parade

2014 Art on Parade logo Placerville Art on Parade is the overall name for our community art project. In 2005, the “Placerville Art on Parade Committee” started a community art project to enhance the look of our wonderful Historic Main Street in downtown Placerville. The first two years were 3D art projects (first year: Wheelbarrows on Parade; second year: Wine Barrels on Parade) and the last five years have been large canvas banners painted by local artists and known as Banners on Parade (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013). See more about the history of Art on Parade here. Download the 2014 Art on Parade Invitation and Application package here!

Artists from previous years (and interested new artists) are sent information-application packets early in the year. The artists fill out the applications and submit their designs in the early spring, spend about 6 weeks painting the banners (front and back), then they are judged by local art teachers. The winners (usually a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 3 Honorable Mentions) are chosen on a day in late May at the local community college, then the banners are hung from light poles on Placerville's Historic Main Street.

On the same day that the banners are being judged, photographs are taken of each banner and a local graphic designer uses those photos to create the walking brochure. People can stroll on Historic Main Street and view the banners while looking at the information about them in the brochure.

The banners hang on their light poles from early June through mid-October. Then, they are taken down. They are displayed for people to view up close on Main Street during the Art and Wine festival on the 3rd Saturday in October and auctioned off (via silent auction) that same evening.

As you can imagine, it takes some money to do this. The proceeds from the silent auction help fund the next year and we have been lucky enough to have some local sponsors. However, we can use more funds to help expand this project. Please consider donating!

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